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At the Holistic Health center my mission is to help you get well quickly  by using some of the most efficient techniques so you don't have to go from practitioner to practitioner searching for help. With over 22 years of experience and being licenced with three different insured colleges and combining  a varity of techniques I do my best to get you well quickly and efficiently. In my practice I see conditions which are purely physical in nature and use innovative approaches such as Matrix Reppaterning, gentle or deep myo fascial and joint unwinding. Some conditions are just stress related and a relaxtion or deep tissue massage is needed. Often Acupuncture can be used in compliment to these techniques, I have had many cases where an emotional blockage  or a cell memory is triggering the condition so through emotional reppaterning or homeopathy we work together to remove the blockage.

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Pejman Ayoubzadeh:

   . Certified Matrix Reppaterning           practitioner.

   . Massage therapist.

   . Licenced Acupuncture.

   . Homoepath.

   . Emotional Reppaterning 

   . Myofacial release.

   . Bowen therapist

   . N.A.E.T

Physical therapies for:



  • Concussion.
  • MVA.
  • Sport injuries.
  • Sport performance.
  • Repetetive strain.
  • Stress & tension.



Acupuncture & Energy balancing



  • Pain and numbness
  • Tendonitis.
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and burn out
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sexual disorders
  • Digestive disorders


 Homeopathy and Emotional  Repatterning


With classical homeopathy and various new approaches to undrestand why the vital essence of your body has been disturbed with minimal doese of homeopathic remedies or removal of core emotional blockages and insights gained from the consultation you will be assisted  in your quest for a healthier and happier life.