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How Laser Therapy Can Help

Addressing musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction is a core application of Low Level Laser Therapy with many research injury models showing significant biological changes at the cellular and tissular levels to beneficial effect. Photobiomodulation offers non-invasive, drug-free augmentation of the healing processes, being useful for tears, sprains, strains and tendinopathies.

In acute cases it influences the concentration of prostaglandins thus reducing pain associated with inflammation and reduces oedema improving Range of Movement and optimising recovery. But it is uniquely useful with chronic injuries or conditions, often able to restart a 'stalled' healing process where other approaches have failed and to give relief where neuralgia or neuropathic pain is involved. 

Healed tissue which has been treated with laser has been shown to have improved quality and tensile strength, and even pre-existing scar tissue has shown improvement after laser treatment, with important implications for managing adhesions.

There is also photobiomodulation research demonstrating effective pre-emptive use for protection and improved muscle endurance.